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A Space To Share Our Pain

A gambling addiction is a terrible disease. It’s very painful. You are not alone –
Share your pain with problem gamblers worldwide, we understand.

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Gambling Addiction – Slot Machine Addiction – Stop Gambling Tips – Stop Gambling Advice From A Recovering Gambler – How Compulsive Gambling Ruins People’s Lives –  If You Are A Problem Gambler – You Must Read This Gambling Addiction Blog – Stop Gambling Help

Sudden, sharp rises in blood pressure can stretch your aorta.  Once your aorta gets wide, it can burst, causing instant death.  I am talking about the frequent, ongoing, sudden, sharp rises in blood pressure caused by slot machine gambling.  If you are addicted to slot machines, please read this blog, it could save your life. If you know someone that is addicted to slot machines, please ask them to read this blog, it could save their life too. I am referring to slot machine addiction as I was a slot machine gambler, but I believe all forms of gambling addiction, like Blackjack or poker for example, present the same kind of danger.

Your blog found me during my darkest hour. I was at my wits end with my gambling addiction. It consumed me. Now, I don’t think about it. I haven’t been to a casino in nearly three months. I continue to read your site daily, reinforcing the fact that the casinos will take all your money and then turn you out. You saved my life. (From “day by day”).

Compulsive gambling is a progressive disease that can never be cured, but can be stopped. Compulsive gamblers are not bad people, just very sick people.  Understanding gambling addiction and the gambling illness is what will help you keep this terrible disease under control.

If you are reading this page, it is because you are a compulsive gambler, looking for help.  You are, pardon me, very sick. But…you have come to the right place.  If you read this blog carefully, you will discover a treasure trove of stop gambling tips, techniques and advice from REAL gamblers…about how to stop your gambling addiction, how to stop being addicted to slot machines, how to stop the gambling that is causing you so much pain and unhappiness…Here you will find stop gambling help , stop gambling advice and stop gambling tips that work!

A One Of A Kind Gambling Addiction Blog! Not written by a “researcher”. This Gambling Addiction Blog is a REAL blog written by a REAL gambler talking about REAL issues, REAL feelings and REAL stuff you will not find anywhere else! is a blog for compulsive gamblers that have suffered dearly from a gambling addiction.  I am one of those people.  These are my thoughts about gambling and more specifically compulsive gambling.

My slot machine gambling addiction has not only cost me a very high price financially, but it may have also killed me, physically, which I will explain in a moment.

I previously had another addiction. I was addicted to cigarettes.  I stopped smoking eventually, it was very tough. Smoking cigarettes is what it is, but a gambling addiction is a LOT harder to break, because the addiction plays games with your mind, which professional gambling councilors call “the brain fuck”.

The gambling addiction will always find ways to convince you to go back. Try again. Change your strategy. Change your style.  Change the amount of the bets.  Stop sooner. Leave earlier. Go at different times. A gambling addiction has the ability to take control of your brain, and once it has the control, it can tell you anything, whatever it wants, to make you go back and gamble more.

Once you lose control of your brain, stopping is almost impossible.

Part of the slot machine gambling addiction is very physical.  When gambling, the brain will release chemicals; dopamine, adrenaline, endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin, which together offer a wonderful feeling of happiness.

When the gambling activity is stopped, the body, or more specifically the brain, has very strong cravings for these drugs, and now the gambling addiction has become a very powerful physical addiction.

When you have an “urge” to gamble, you may not be aware of it, what you really want is that incredible unique feeling of happiness, which only chemicals in your brain can provide.  These chemicals, mentioned above, cannot be purchased or injected, the only way to get them is by having the brain itself produce them.

There is no other form of substance abuse in the world which is more intense than playing a slot machine.

When you smoke a cigarette, every time you take a puff, the brain gets a “hit” of nicotine.  It is not possible to take more than 2-3 puffs a minute.
When you drink alcohol, you cannot drink more than 2-3 times a minute.

When you play a slot machine, there is a fraction of a second between the time you hit the button, and the time you see the outcome.  That fraction of a second when the outcome is unknown, is the “hit”.  A slot machine can provide approximately 60 hits a minute, or one a second, which is why slot machines are so highly addictive.  60 hits a minute? Nothing can come close. After a few sessions, you’re done.

It is very unfortunate, and most people discover this sooner or later, that the addiction does not have a bank account.  It does not matter if you gamble because you want to or because the addiction is controlling you, at the end, the money comes out of your bank account.  Attention gamblers, this is a key point.

No one plans on getting addicted to gambling or a slot machine. But after a few sessions, it will happen quite fast, when the brain is craving the happiness drugs.

I personally think that most people start to gamble because of being bored, lonely and unhappy. Gambling “solves” almost every problem, because gambling is so intense, it inevitably makes you forget everything.

Recently I have developed a major health problem, and slot machine gambling “helped” me a lot by offering relief from thinking about it all the time.

But now, “gambling” has run out of luck, my health problem has become so intense, that I really have no more time for my gambling addiction.

I do not know for sure, but gambling and slot machines may have killed me.  Here’s why:

When you gamble, the level of excitement sometimes is such that your heart races like crazy with a very fast heart beat, and your blood pressure will go up sharply with constant, ongoing frustration.  I have a dilated aorta which has become sharply wider in recent years, exactly the years I have been gambling intensely.  It may be a coincidence, but I believe the irregular heart beat and sharp increases of blood pressure have been a big contributing factor in my sudden widening of the aorta.  Now my aorta is at risk of bursting and killing me anytime, and I will need to undergo a heart procedure to repair my aorta, which may also kill me.

Beware: gambling and slot machines will make you lose money, which in turn will cause unimaginable unhappiness to you and your family, and in addition, it may kill you.

This is my personal gambling blog.  I may add some stuff here from time to time.  My previous experience with a smoking addiction, is helping me stay clean.  I did quit smoking, about 25 years ago, but not on the first attempt. What I remember very clearly is that regardless of how long you do not smoke, as soon as you take one puff, you are instantly and immediately a heavy smoker again, right back to square one, and all it takes is one puff.  I know clearly, that all it takes is ONE visit to a casino, and I will be right back in the addiction.  It makes it a little easier in the sense that I do not have to stop gambling forever, the ONLY thing I need to fear and avoid is that ONE trip to the casino, that’s it.  Not making one trip to the casino is much easier than stopping forever.  I am aware of the danger lurking in that one brief trip to the casino, so if my brain tries to convince me that one quick trip won’t hurt me, I am ready for it!

Slot Machine Addiction Stories – Understanding Gambling Addiction

I explained above that when I get an urge to gamble, I know that the urge is the brain craving the drugs that create happiness. Knowing this and being aware of the reason causing the craving in itself is a big help.  But it is important to know that after a while, the brain will start to produce these drugs again naturally.  When you stop gambling, you suffer from a bad case of being “down”, because the brain will not produce any happiness drugs unless you are gambling. Be strong, be patient, it is just a question of time before the brain will go back to normal, back to it’s pre-gambling state, and it will produce the happiness drugs when appropriate without gambling.

Problem gambling is an urge to continuously gamble despite harmful negative consequences

– stop gambling tips – how to stop a slot machine gambling addiction…stop gambling help…

When you stop gambling, life seems terribly boring.  Besides the brain craving happiness drugs, there is another reason for this: Nothing can compete with a slot machine excitement.  Slot machines are different from other forms of gambling. For example, when you play blackjack, besides the fact that you only get one or 2 hands a minute compared to 60 spins a minute on a slot machine, the winnings are also on a 1:1 basis with the bet.  In other words, if you bet $10, you will lose or win $10, and if you get blackjack, you will win $15. But on a slot machine, with a $10 spin, you can easily win $10,000!  I have personally won 3 times $13,500 on a $9 spin. (I have the photo to prove it, and may plug it in here later).  So think about it for a moment: 60 times a minute your heart is pounding with excitement, 60 chances a minute to win $10,000, every time you spin you can win $10,000.  What can compete with that kind of excitement? Go for a walk?  Watch a movie?  So when you quit playing a slot machine, you go into a state of “everything is boring.  I don’t know what happened to me.  Nothing excites me.  I don’t want to do anything”.   All this is WITHDRAWL and please be strong, it will eventually go away, just make sure you do NOT go back to the casino, not forever, just avoid the next trip, that’s all!We all know that casino self exclusion does not work. It helps by making things harder.  Harder to get into a casino, and it forces you to play for small bets because if you win big you will not be able to collect. I would like to point out that if you find yourself playing in a casino even though you are self excluded, there is a way that will really block you completely: Ask to speak to the head of security, and COMPLAIN about being allowed to enter the casino and play when self excluded.  This is what I did, and in fact, that was the LAST time I saw a casino!I have now been clean for 48 days.  I obviously still think about the casino, and often see the slot machine images and hear the sounds.  But, every day it’s getting a little bit easier.  Every day, I think about the casino less.  The alien, the monkey that possessed me for a long time, is being allowed to occupy less and less space and less and less time in my brain.

When you play slot machines, you’re not playing to win, you’re playing to stay in the zone — a zone where all of your daily worries, your bodily pains, your anxieties about money, time and relationships, fade away.

“I am convinced there is a way to win on slot machines, and I know exactly how to do it.  The problem is, I cannot control myself, and do not follow the guidelines that will make me win”.  This apparently is classic gambling talk. Please note that the key point is the big picture.  It really does not matter if you win or lose, it is the gambling lifestyle, the stress, the anxiety, the unhappiness, the social isolation, the loss of self respect that hurt more than anything else.  Don’t gamble.  You cannot win.

The road to a gambling free life seems to always be under construction. Keep walking.

Slot machines have become way more lucrative than traditional gambling – which means if you are a slot machine gambler, this is where you will lose the most.

I find that delaying gambling is MUCH easier than resisting.  If I have an urge to go the casino today, instead of saying “no”, it is MUCH easier to say “Maybe another time.  But not today”.  All you need to do for the rest of your life is not gamble “today”.

Some slot machine addicts confess that they actually get annoyed when they win a jackpot — because it disrupts the flow of playing

I currently attend a Gamblers Anonymous group therapy meeting once a week.  It offers many benefits, one of them, is being able to hear how other gamblers think and feel. In a casino, a gambler NEVER has time to talk.  I invited other gamblers multiple times for a lunch or coffee, for the sake of sharing feelings and thoughts, but a gambler is always VERY busy.  At the end of the session, the gambler has to RUN, not a second to spare.  So, one can go to a casino for years and NEVER get a chance to really talk with other gamblers.  In the group therapy meeting, being able to share with other gamblers is precious, it’s the ONLY place you will ever be able to do it.

A Slot Machine Addiction can cause people to lose their jobs, spouses, and families. Even worse, the addiction can make a gambler completely lose his or her own self – respect, and consequently, lose the desire to live.

I have been gambling free for 70 days.  Feels great.  I dreamed 2 times about the casino.  In one dream, I won a huge jackpot on a slot machine.  The slot attendant went to get the jackpot, and when she came back to pay me, just before she could put the money in my hand…I woke up!  That was a little disappointing.   Every day I think about my gambling addiction less.  But I can feel the addiction circling above, like an eagle, just waiting for a moment of weakness to zoom in and get me.  I am working hard and long hours on my new business, this keeps me totally occupied and satisfied, and besides helping me avoid my gambling addiction, it will also help me…recover my money.  I am sure I will be able to get it all back, and more. I am therefore now in recovery in 2 ways; a recovering gambler, and a businessman recovering his money! My gambling years are no doubt the darkest part of my life. I promised myself this will be my secret, forever, that I will take it to my grave.  No one needs to know.  The shame, the stupidity are hard to bare.  Instead, I am now telling the secret to the world.  Keeping the shame inside just makes it worse.  Sharing is liberating.  Gambling no doubt was the biggest mistake of my life.  I am thanking God I was able to seek help and stop before I became broke.  Homeless.  I am still OK, and will remain OK, as long as I NEVER walk into a casino again.Be careful. It doesn’t matter how many millions you have, they will all disappear into slot machines.  It is now 90 days since the last time I walked into a casino and gambled on a slot machine.  Amazing.  I did have a few very strong urges, but I was able to counter attack the addiction by “delaying”, maybe another time, but not today. Updated – Breaking News! 128 days clean!  I had a few close calls, but was able to fight the monkey away.  I have breaking news.  2 days ago I had a cardio echo done on my heart, and my Aorta has become smaller in radius by 1mm!  This is very significant, because the expectation is for the Aorta to continue to get wider, increasing the risk of rupture and death, and the fact my Aorta has in fact gotten narrower, is just a…miracle.   There is NO doubt in my mind, that these 128 days of being clean, calm, have been a big contributing factor.  Avoiding sudden, sharp increases in blood pressure, may be what is making my Aorta shrink.  I am so happy about this, I am in fact… in shock.  If you are thinking about gambling, or think you have an urge, think again.  Here you have proof of how gambling may be killing you, physically.  I am so grateful to my councilor who annoyed me 128 days ago, when she told me I should check into a rehab center because I am drowning in the gambling addiction. At that time, I said to her “I may be dead in 3 months.  Do you think I want to spend the last 3 months of my life in a rehab center”? I fired her.  But then I said to myself “just a minute, assuming I really have only 3 more months to live, do I really want to spend my last 3 months living, sitting in front of a slot machine”?  Of course not.  That’s when I went and self excluded myself from the casinos.  With the news about my heart, it seems impossible that I will ever sit in front of a slot machine again.  It is clear that for me, in my condition, sitting in front of a slot machine would be equal to committing suicide.

This means that this slot machine gambling addiction blog, has come to an end. As a webmaster, I have been tracking my traffic on this site, and I noticed many people from all over the world, have been coming back quite frequently to read more updates.  I really thank all of you for reading my story, and I hope I will never have the need to come back here and continue.

This brings me to one final issue.
This blog has been a life saver for me.  The privilege of being able to express myself at my own speed and whenever I want, knowing I have global audience & support, was huge. Like group therapy, but with a very large group.  The subject matter of this blog deals with not only a debilitating terrible disease, but with life and death matters.  The intention of this blog was never to make money, but now that it is finished, I have put up some ads.  If you don’t mind, on your way out, click on one of the advertisements, this will help me get back one tiny little bit of what I lost.  Thanks.  And feel free to share with me your thoughts and feelings if you want. Anytime. My email is there on the top. Updated – The blog continues – stop gambling help…stop gambling addiction now… I have been clean for 5 months now, and was SURE it’s over for me.
To my disbelief, yesterday I was in my car on the way to a casino, but I was able to find the strength to turn around, come back, and I went and had a foot massage instead. But that was so close…my god.

I know that if I walk into a casino, I will drown in the gambling. Many people have read my gambling blog, but only today, for the very first time, someone sent an email and shared with me.  With this person’s permission, I am posting the entire email as it was received.  Sharing is therapy.  It will make you feel better.  My email address is above, use it if you need to.Hi.

I just read your compulsive gambling blog and thought I was looking in the mirror. I too am a “slot-whore” a phrase I coined after a heavy loss some years ago.

I have been addicted to slots and a compulsive gambler since 1996. In 2001 I was upside down to the tune of 300K. By a stroke of pure shit luck and “living” in casinos, I was able to win all but 20,000 back, I promised myself that I was done.

I stayed out in all of 2002, not going even once. Then, in 2003, I changed positions and started traveling the country as a sales rep. Several of my customers were gambling junkies with lots of money. I slowly started back in, thinking it was a manageable issue. I was wrong.

Now, they’ve built casinos everywhere. There are two in my town. For the last six months I’ve been trying to quit. I’ve won, lost, won, lost, lost won lost lost, etc. In the last couple months I’ve gone probably twice a week, dropping on average 500 or more each time. I’m probably down 15,000 for the year. For some, this is nothing. For others, it’s everything. For me, it’s 15 grand I pissed away that could have gone into my business instead of on my credit cards. Yesterday, I dropped 1500, after being up 600. I really do want to stop, and stop forever. Life wasn’t meant for us to be sitting in front of a slot machine.

As far as family goes, no one in my household, (wife, daughters) has a clue or understanding. I can’t talk to them, that’s for sure. It would be like world war three. I went to gamblers anonymous a few times, but I was the only one there who wasn’t ordered there by the courts. Your blog has given me hope. I want to say fuck gambling and most of all, fuck slot machines, forever. ThanksMore stop gambling tips from the same recovering gambling addict…stop gambling help Slot machine gambling is the gift that keeps on giving; giving stress, sadness, and most of all, for those who have had any kind of credit, DEBT! It only takes a couple minutes to get a cash advance at the casino, but it takes months or years to pay it back.

I’m not going to punish myself over what I lost. That is the past. And, as I consolidate my gambling debts, I’m going to look at it as a student loan that I have to pay for. If I can stay out for good, the “tuition” I have to pay back will be worth the lessons I’ve learned. Day 3 and counting.More gambling addiction advice from same problem gambler, who from now onward we will call “day by day”. stop gambling help…stop gambling addiction now… Have you ever been envious of the people who claim they go to the Casino just to relax, play a little on slot machines, eat the delicious buffet, use their points, enjoy a complimentary room, see a band, have fun, and then return home, only losing a little, or winning a bit, totally controlling their spending ?

Well, as a long term professional gambler, I’m now convinced that these type of people don’t really exist. They just start out that way like little innocent lambs, unbeknownst that they are being led to the slaughter house to be butchered. I’ve never seen the same faces in a casino for a repeated period of time (years), other than mine and a few other addicts with the same problem. All of the others who claimed fun, food, strategy, discipline, and additional self-deceptions have been sucked in, chewed up, and spit out . Some may have wised up and gotten scared after realizing they were in a life stealing vortex. Others simply just fell into the same trap we did, and just lost all their money. But new fresh faces with excitement, hope and gambling naïveté fill the spaces left by those fun seekers who were deceived by themselves at the hands of the super slick gaming establishment. Read the fine print at any casino: Play Responsibly. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-Whatever. They’re telling you in their own special way to,”watch out, we’re going to try to get all your money, and when we do, you can call the 800 number and we’ll refer you to some help. In the meantime, until all your money is gone, while you still have some credit cards and can continue to let us drain all your bank accounts and financial resources, HAVE FUN.More stop gambling advice from “day by day” – a recovering compulsive gambler…tips on how to stop a slot machine gambling addiction…stop gambling helpThanks for posting my story of the day. You wouldn’t believe how therapeutic it is to write my thoughts, then see them again on your blog. I haven’t had any real cravings to go, but I want to reaffirm my goal to stay out, and your encouragement for me to write helps solidify that. I hope others with the same problems read your blog. On day 366, I will celebrate , because that will beat my original record of 365 days. Hope you are well and you too stay strong.How to stop gambling tips and advice from “day by day”…stop gambling help, stop gambling now…

A slot machine addiction is so strong, so intense, some addicts wear diapers so they won’t have to take a bathroom break

Gamblers Anonymous, therapy, motivational quotes, Internet self help, and all the other tools available to slot addicts get slammed right back in the tool box when the overpowering urge to get in the car and drive to the casino “one last time” takes over the mind. Why is that? I’ll only take $100. I’ll only stay half an hour. I’ll just walk around. This is my last trip; might as well try to hit em good this one last go around. Then, $100 turns into a $750 cash advance, then another one for $1200. Four hours later, you’re in the parking lot with $20, feeling disgusted, ashamed, and telling yourself you knew this was going to happen. This exercise in self punishment has happened to me over and over again. I refuse to stay on this Merry-go-round of Shame. Thanks to Mr. F.G., I’ve been able to write my thoughts and see them. Seeing them in black and white allows me to see what I’ve done to myself, my family, and my career. If you have a problem like this, hit the e-mail button at the top of the page and share your story. It’s helped me more than anything else I’ve ever tried.

Compulsive gambling, also called gambling disorder, is the uncontrollable urge to keep gambling despite the toll it takes on your life

As I read the thoughts and insights offered by “day by day”, it is me this time that has the feeling I am looking in the mirror.  I can feel the pain and the frustration.  It is absolutely amazing how all compulsive problem gamblers have the exact same thoughts and feelings.  I am not a professional gambling addiction councilor, just a recovering gambler doing my best to share and help other problem gamblers.  Having participated in a few gamblers anonymous meetings and private one on one gambling addiction counseling, I have picked up a few key points about the recovery, which I would like to share again with “day by day”, even though they already have been mentioned above.

First, keep on coming.  We love to hear from you.  And I know how good it feels to write, this is why I put up this blog.

The first thing the gambling addiction does when it gets hold of you, is take control of your brain, and it convinces you to keep on gambling.  Your brain, which at this point is no longer really your brain, convinces you that using a different method, a different system, a different amount of bet, or playing on a different slot machine, or playing at different times will produce different results.  The gambling addiction gets embedded in your brain and the “addiction” needs you to continue with your activity, otherwise “it” will cease to exist.  That is why it is so hard to fight a gambling addiction, you are fighting it without the use of your brain.

Just being aware of this in itself is a huge help.

Also, the urges and cravings to gamble and play the slot machines are motivated by the brain longing for the “excitement” drugs.

When gambling, the brain will release chemicals; dopamine, adrenaline, endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin, which together offer a wonderful feeling of happiness.

When the gambling activity is stopped, the body, or more specifically the brain, has very strong cravings for these drugs, and now the gambling addiction has become a very powerful physical addiction.

Also, remember that no other drug or addiction can offer 60 “hits” a minute like a slot machine does, this is an insane amount of hits per minute, and this is why slot machine addiction is the most common form of addiction to gambling.

And last but not least: the addiction does not have a bank account.  At the end, you are the one paying for your urges.  If you want to stop paying, you have to stop throwing the money into the slots.By “day by day” – a problem gambler in recovery offering stop gambling tips

The addictiveness of modern slot machines has to do with the solitary, continuous, rapid wagering they enable.

Six days have passed since my last visit to a slot machine. It hasn’t been that rough not going. I know the urges will increase as I pass 7 days, 30 days and beyond milestones. That’s when I’ll have to be strong. I wonder if my brain, and the brains of other problem gamblers like me can be re-wired, and our thought processes changed to be like those who couldn’t care less about gambling; those who think it’s absolutely stupid to waste time and money sitting in front of a slot machine. I sure would like to be that way someday. By “day by day”: Stop Gambling Tips & Advice from a recovering gambler…stop gambling help… I really don’t have any issues with Gamblers Anonymous, and am considering checking them out again. I agree that there are plenty of horror stories there. It’s almost like,”what am I doing here ? These people are way worse than me. I’m just a slot-whore pissing away all my money. They’ve embezzled, stolen, attempted all sorts of suicide, etc.” But then I think, but for the grace of God, I could be this bad too. So, yes; Gamblers Anonymous is an excellent deterrent.

How many demons can dance on the head of a pin? How many demons swirl at the entrance doors of a casino, ready to accompany you on another hopeless journey? I often have felt the presence of evil when I’ve visited a casino, but ignored it. Instead, I snorted the sweet smelling oxygen laced casino air into my lungs and said to myself, ” here we go ! ” Here we go IGT. Here we go Bally. Here we go Konami. Here we go Williams. Here we go new slot machines from Asia. Here we go “hot new game.” What’s hitting today?
Which one’s due? I put $800 in that machine last time. I know it’s going to hit today. Maybe I should rub the payline for good luck, like the lady next to me. WOW! How sick is that?

And I even went to college; but they didn’t teach anything there about slot addictions. Remember the line from the movie Casino: “In the end, they get it all.” And they will. And they do.I had a good laugh at your comment about the lady rubbing the payline. I used to see a lot of people talking to the slot machine, praying, petting the machines, and touching the bonus symbol before every spin, as if it helps.People that are otherwise normal, walk into a casino and become insane.

Gambling addiction, also known as compulsive gambling, may be a type of impulse control disorder. Compulsive gamblers keep gambling whether they’re up or down, broke or flush, happy or depressed.

Slot machines are highly addictive, and create more problem gamblers than any other form of gambling.  If you could see the inside of a slot machine, you will see it is essentially, empty.  It’s an empty box with a huge screen, 2 speakers, one on each side, and a big solid box that accepts the bills going in.  Yes, if you are addicted to slot machines, you are throwing your money away into what is essentially a”music playing empty box”.More insight from “day by day” – a compulsive gambler no more – Any Gambling Addict can STOP gambling, that’s easy.  The hard part is to stay CLEAN.

A slot machine addict needs the “hits” as much as he/she needs air to breath.  I have lost count of how many times I decided to end my gambling session, stood up, and walked towards the exit, just to stop again on the way at another slot machine, and get hooked again for hours, dumping all the money I previously won, right back into the slot machine.

Updated by “day by day”…How to stop slot machine gambling…stop gambling help, tips and advice For the last eight days I’ve been researching everything I can about the so called gaming industry. I figure that to know my enemy will help me know myself. Well friends, the gaming industry looks upon us as animals; animals that can be trained like rats, dogs, chimps, to do whatever they want, when they want. As I read a report published by the gaming industry, they used a word called extinction. EXTINCTION. That is their term for when a gambler runs out of money. After you lose all your money in the slot machine, you are EXTINCT. You don’t exist any more. You’re dead to them. Dead until you withdraw, borrow, beg, or steal more money to pour into the slots. They desperately want you to lose, even more than you want to win. The gaming industry spends billions of dollars on mental research to find out what colors, sound, sights, what sized buttons, what type of chairs, what type of lighting, layout, and graphics will not only addict you, but will keep you in the chair and in the building until everything you have is gone. Then, you are extinct. EXTINCT. You don’t exist anymore.

One by one, day by day, we are learning about this secret, sorrowful addiction. As we grow in number, the casinos will shrink, until they too, are EXTINCT.

Getting help dealing with a gambling addiction is very important, but more important: you must know that at the end, the ONLY one that can help you recover, stop gambling and move on is YOU! You have to really want it! – stop gambling tips

Most slot machine gamblers are not playing to win, they are playing for the action.  Being up or down is irrelevant to most addicts, the addict will just go on and on.  Losing is OK, because in life sometimes you lose and sometimes you win.  What really hurts badly though, is I left the casino many times knowing very clearly that I did not LOSE my money: I threw it away.  Throwing money away is a state of mind you reach when you are hoping to lose what you have as fast as possible, so you can go home.  Leaving right now with your hand full of bills is not an option, you are essentially “glued” to your seat, until your hand is empty. Updated – a compulsive gambling horror story from “day by day” – a must read – stop gambling tips…stop gambling help…stop gambling addiction now… A friend of mine shared a story of a compulsive gambler lady who thought she was cured from her slot machine addiction, but fell off the wagon, went crazy in the casino and dropped about $400,000 in less than a month. That’s sad, but I know personally a couple good people who due to their compulsive gambling addiction not only lost all their money, homes, family and friends but also their freedom over this. Rob was a 16 year, highly decorated veteran of the police department. He was cited for bravery and saving lives many times. A few years back he took an extra duty job directing traffic at the newly opened casino. One day on his off hours he stopped in to check out the action for himself. He started playing slots for a little fun and relaxation. He got a players card, received a free toaster one time, a crock pot another time. He won a little, lost a little and the casino became his hangout. One day he hit a slot machine jackpot for $12000. He joked to his friends that he had found a new part time occupation. Rob started gambling more, trying to hit even bigger jackpots. Within six months he was going to casinos every day, using up vacation and sick leave time, often gambling 24 hours straight. He told his family he was on a special case. Soon Rob’s checking account was empty, and all his credit cards were maxed out. He had even applied for new ones and maxed them out too. Rob was deeply in debt, and no one in his family knew anything about it. What did Rob do ? He HAD to get out of debt. He had no money but still had to gamble. Rob, using his occupation as a police officer, started robbing drug dealers. He figured he wasn’t hurting the general public, he was almost like Robin Hood in reverse. This worked for a while, until a drug dealer Rob had held up was busted again by the police. He offered the police all his money in return for freedom as Rob had done for him previously. This set off a massive investigation and sting operation. Someone had also tipped off the police that Rob was a compulsive gambler and had a serious gambling problem. So; they went through the surveillance videos at the casino and saw every move, every slot machine, and every dollar Rob had spent. They set up a sting operation and caught him in the act of holding up a drug dealer who participated in the sting for a reduced sentence on a previous charge. Rob was arrested and jailed immediately. His family was shocked. His home was foreclosed on. He tried a defense of “mental illness” but the judge and jury didn’t buy it. His children were shamed, made fun of, and bullied at school. Rob’s mother had a debilitating stroke over the worry and sadness of her son. Rob’s wife divorced him. His sentence was 14 years in the penitentiary because he was a public servant who abused his power. Rob has no one but himself to blame for this devastation, but in my mind, the mind of a reforming gambler, Rob was just another casualty of compulsive gambling and the war the Casinos are waging against those who visit them. Next time Cheryl’s story.
Updated – by “day by day” – a must read horror story about a compulsive gambler that loses everything because of her slot machine gambling addiction Knowledge is power. To the thousands who read this site everyday, I encourage you to research everything available on slot machine addiction & recovery, the gambling industry, and how casinos spend billions to take everything you own. In the meantime, here’s a story about a compulsive gambler I knew who couldn’t stop in time. Sheryl, (not her real name) was a perfect middle aged wife and “soccer mom”. She had a loving husband and two children in high school. Sheryl had a good job as a deputy clerk for a small town. Her husband was in sales. They loved spending time together both as a couple and as a family. Her slot “career” started when her husband’s company began having annual sales meetings in Las Vegas. Sheryl looked forward to those trips, saving nickels, dimes and quarters in a jar all year long for their trip. During those years she never thought much about gambling. Then one year, a few years back, the state she lived in legalized gambling. Three casinos popped up overnight within an hour of her home.

Sheryl and her husband would go to the new casinos infrequently at first, seeing shows, entertaining clients, and “supposedly” having fun. One day while her husband was out of town on a selling mission, Sheryl went to the casino by herself. She won some money, a few small slot machine jackpots. She started going more and more, with her husband and without, until one day her husband told her they were going to the casinos too much. He didn’t want to go anymore because it was taking too much time away from the family.  He also sensed Sheryl was becoming a problem gambler.

Sheryl agreed, but didn’t listen. She started calling in sick from work or taking vacation days to go play slots. She ran up her credit cards. She got into her children’s college fund and depleted most of that. She hid the mail when it came and made minimum payments. She kept going to the casinos. When her husband was out of town, sometimes she played all night. Then, one day, almost out of the blue, Sheryl’s life, and the life of her husband and children changed forever. The state did an audit on her department at work and found funds missing. A lot of funds were missing. Somehow, during the course of her gambling career Sheryl figured out a way to divert money from the town into her own accounts, so she can continue to finance her gambling addiction. She had set up a couple of fake companies and checking accounts. Her scheme lasted about three and a half years. Yes, she was arrested and criminal charges were brought against her. TV crews showed up at her home. Her children were ridiculed at school. Sheryl’s friends disappeared. Her husband stoically stood by her side during her trial and conviction. She was sentenced to two and a half years in the state reformatory for women. She was also ordered to make restitution of every penny she stole from work. Sheryl went to prison. While she was there, her husband divorced her. Her children wanted nothing to do with her either. She did her time in prison and was released on parole. Today, she lives in another town, alone, and works as a server at a restaurant. She is working on re-building the relationship with her children. One child has forgiven her, the other is still working on it. Her former husband is dating someone else and wants no contact with Sheryl. Sheryl blames herself for the misery she caused and wants to rebuild her life. She goes to Gamblers Anonymous meetings and now knows first hand how casinos and slots can assist in one’s personal destruction. Updated – by “day by day” – a recovering gambler offering insight and tips on how to leave your gambling addiction behind, and move on with your life. Ok. You’ve decided to stop gambling. Maybe you’ve already quit and are trying to put your life back together. One thing I’ve found out rather quickly is that the world doesn’t change just because you decided to. Bills keep coming. The sun rises and sets. Your friends, family, and associates still go to the casino. I’ve personally chosen to keep my problems to myself,, and Gamblers Anonymous. My family and friends didn’t get me into this mess. I did. So; I’m going to do what I have to do to “right the ship” and leave my slot machine addiction where I found it.

This brings up what I want to share.

In the last two weeks, I’ve been asked to go to the casinos at least a dozen times, by somebody. Every time I said, no, not interested, they said, why not ? We’ll just go for a minute, only take $100, what’s wrong? aw come on, and a couple expletives as well. Well friends, here’s the answer that stops them in their tracks. “I’m tired of winning .” What? You don’t want to go ? Nope. I’m tired of winning. You can only win so much before you get tired of it. That is my answer; my final answer. And so far, it has worked for me. I am tired of winning. By “day by day” – Real Stop Gambling Tips that work.  Read this gambling blog and discover how you can stop gambling and deal effectively with the urge to gamble C.F.L. To some, this stands for the Canadian Football League. To me, it stands for Casino Free Life. Living life without the need to go throw your hard earned money away in a gambling casino. Living life doing other constructive things like working out, repairing relationships, restoring personal finances, spending time with family, and searching for peace within ones self. The C.F.L. lifestyle. I pray it continues. E-mail FG with your story. It’s an inspiration that will help thousands of others overcome their slot machine addictions. C.F.L. By “day by day”: Stop Gambling Tips – Stop Gambling Advice – Stop Gambling Help Here’s what I DON’T miss about gambling. Going to the bank and withdrawing funds from my checking account. Making the drive I really didn’t want to make in the first place, to the casino. The “wonder” walk into the building, wondering if I was going to get slaughtered again. The disappointment of throwing money away. Pulling out a credit card and getting a cash advance. The walk of shame back to the car after losing. The long disgusting drive back home, beating myself up mentally over my foolishness. A sleepless night recounting all the silly blunders I made at the casino. The morning after, finding a $20 bill or less, in my wallet. Going to the bank to re-load. Repeating all the steps listed above. These are the things I do not miss about the casino life. Thank God for Updated – how my slot machine gambling addiction ruined my life That pretty much sums it up.
The shame and disgust are hard to bare.
And we do it again and again and again.
Sickening. And hard to understand.
It’s a battle for life. Will never end. But one thing is 100% sure:
Every day it gets a tiny little bit easier.
Eventually, the principal of “far from the eye, far from the heart” will kick in,
And the slot machines will fade away. By “addictions councilor in training”: Stop Gambling Advice…Stop Gambling Help…Stop Slot Machines Gambling Addiction Tips Your findings regarding the physiological effects of the slots -‘hit’ on the aorta is a stunning discovery. You could well be the next Nobel winner.

In fact all addictions likely have their own fatal flaw. I used to be obsessed with eBay bidding auctions.

Those same symptoms you mentioned in regards to the slot hits were in evidence in that moment just before and during the last few minutes as the bidding ends.

It lasts for several minutes.

A fine perspiration covering the skin; greatly accelerated heartbeat; adrenals afire; dopamine flooding the brain; endorphins exploding a blast-path through the aorta.

Deadly addiction.

It’s a lethal dosage for the physiological system, not designed to handle that escalated volume of stimulation.

I believe this type of obsession has done grievous damage to my heart. It’s in terrible shape even now – years after the obsessive addiction.

And you’re right also about dealing with the problem hour by hour. As you say “Don’t succumb today”. Today is all we have.

I believe your most monumental discovery is the lethality of addiction. Especially gambling addiction.

You could start another blog with the rationale of drawing a different type of gambler. The expletive in the title attracts a certain ‘type’ – raw, more primitive.

To draw out the more refined addicts, especially women, you might need to change the title.
By “day by day” 14th day: Stop Gambling Tips – Stop Gambling Advice – stop gambling help Two weeks ago today, I woke up, looked in my wallet and had $200. I told myself I wasn’t going to the casino to gamble that money in the slot machines. At noon, I went to the bank and drew out another $600. By 2:30 PM I was in the casino, shoving twenty dollar bills in the bill receptors as fast as I could. I started winning. I turned that $800 into $2300. I didn’t leave. I was hypnotized by the slot machines and was in “the zone.” By 6:30 PM all $2300 was gone. I went to the cage and got a cash advance for $600 more. I lost half of that and decided to take the walk of shame through the parking lot. I asked myself why ? Why am I torturing myself and slowly ruining my life and my finances. Why am I leading a double secret life; one of a seemingly normal business person, the other the life of a degenerate gambler. That’s like oil and water. They don’t mix. I didn’t go home that night. Instead I rented a hotel room and reflected on all the damage I was doing to myself and family. All night I researched everything I could on gambling problems, and how to quit gambling once and for all. I stumbled upon the site It appeared as if Mr. FG was talking directly to me. All of his stories and problems were mirror images of what I have been putting myself through for many years. I e-mailed my story and desire to quit slot machine gambling forever; one day at a time. Since then, for 14 days I’ve not gone once. For the first time in many months or possibly years that’s the longest I’ve stayed out. I want to continue the CFL, Casino Free Life, and restore my finances and move on with my life. Thank you Mr. F.G., and all the wonderful, supportive people at Updated – by “day by day”  15th day – must read insights, tips and stories from a recovering slot machine compulsive gambler I just read a business book by former mob boss turned evangelist, Michael Franzese. He spent over half his life associated with La Cosa Nostra and was a made man for 17 years before he went to prison. In his book “I’ll Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse”, he devotes an entire chapter to gambling, and the horrors associated with it. He tells us things that most problem gamblers already know, but choose to ignore. He shares stories of corporate executives who were worth millions and lost it all, including their families because of gambling. Smart people; educated people, who got caught in the casino vortex that anyone reading this has been in also. He echoed everything that Mr. FG and others have posted on this blog. Some of his more interesting points were, knowledge; the more you know about casinos and slot machines, the more you will want to stay away from them.

Another point; if you stay out of the casino, you won’t lose any money there. What he didn’t touch on was “the urge.” The overpowering urge that makes you get in the car and go to the casino, even when you don’t want to. You may have everything whipped but “the urge”. I’m sure in time, the urge will go away, maybe disappear entirely. But until it does, that’s the danger I’m scared of. I don’t want that overpowering urge to sneak up on me, fool me, trick me, and then turn me out. As Tom Hagen said in The Godfather, “Not this time, Sally.”

Why are slot machines so addictive? How is it that the ice cold air conditioning which is targeting my shoulders and neck has me stiff with pain, I am thirsty, hungry, cold, in pain, need to go to the bathroom very badly, have swollen legs and ankles from not moving for hours, my dog who I love more than anything in this world is also thirsty, hungry and locked up in my car outside waiting for me, texts and emails piling up in my mobile, I am noticing the slot machine grinding me down slowly but surely both financially and physically, how is it that I continue sitting here and throwing away my money and my LIFE into this slot machine?  How sick am I?  Is this slot machine with moving images and sounds really more important than EVERTHING else, to the point I am willing to sit here and not move until I die?

Updated – by “day by day” – day 16 – a problem gambler no more! How to stop gambling tips and help…If you’re an addicted, slot machine problem gambler, or a compulsive gambler, have you ever paused to figure out what’s causing you to gamble? Really. What’s the real cause? Depression? Loneliness? Emptiness in your life? It’s taken me a long time to realize that I’m not gambling to win money, I’m not trying to be a “player” and live the casino life they show on TV and in the movies. I’m gambling because of something else.

What that something else is, I don’t yet know. But what I DO know is that since I’ve been out of the casino life, I’m starting to feel stronger; mentally. I feel a slight sense of empowerment, knowing that I CAN stay out. I know it’s day by day, but isn’t everything we do really day by day? By “day by day” day 17 – Stop Slot Machine Gambling Addiction – Advice From A Recovering Compulsive Gambler I was a professional slot machine gambler. The government made me list my occupation as a professional gambler on my income tax return. I’ve gambled in every casino in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Tunica Mississippi, Biloxi, Detroit, Windsor, and Niagara Falls. I’ve been in all the Native American joints from Foxwoods and Mohegan in Connecticut, to the Potowattami’s up in Wisconsin. There’s not a place on the Ohio River that I haven’t been to.

Carruthersville, Evansville, Louisville, Cincinnati, Weirton W.Va, Pittsburgh. All the slot machines in Chicago, Gary, Hammond, Michigan City, Columbus, Indianapolis, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, Fort Lauderdale, the Poconos, Yonkers, and even the rust belt city of Cleveland have taken my money. Throw in a few cruise ships and a couple out of the way horse and dog tracks with slot machines and I’ve been there too. I’ve learned and paid dearly for my education in gambling. I’m going to share a few of the things I’ve learned with you.

You can not win. You will not win.
In the end, they get it all.

All casinos are the same. Same slot machines. Same lonely, older crowds.
You will get addicted. It’s by their design. There’s nothing you can do about it. They’ve spent billions learning how to mesmerize, hypnotize , and cause your own brain to over produce dopamine and other pleasure inducing chemicals.

You will not have fun. Once addicted to slot machines, you will try to go to the casino as much as possible. You’ll gamble money you don’t have. Your mind will tell you it’s ok. Your mind will tell you you’re going to win it all back sooner or later. Your mind is lying to you. Most importantly, never say to yourself, “it can’t happen to me.” It can and will. I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve been in all the casinos listed above. I’m shamed by it. I knew better the second I got my first cash advance. I knew gambling was wrong the night a man committed suicide in the parking lot of a Tunica casino. Gambling kills. Slots kill. They cripple and maim as well. Think about it. Don’t be a statistic. Get help today. Get help. Now. Updated – by “day by day”  day 18 – stop gambling tips – advice from a recovering slot machine gambler…stop gambling help…stop slot machine gambling addiction…stop gambling now… The more I write about my slot machine gambling addiction, and the more I read what I wrote, the less I want to gamble. Writing your casino slot machine experiences and reflecting upon them is a good way to purge the desire to gamble, because you can see what gambling’s done to you, right there on the page before your very eyes. In addition I’ve been taking supplements that help suppress the urge to gamble. The supplements help increase the level of chemicals manufactured by the brain’s pleasure center. This has been working for me. So far I’ve had no desire at all to even think about a casino or a slot machine.

Gamblers Anonymous meetings help a lot.  The horror stories of how people lost everything to slot machines, are a strong deterrent.  If you don’t go and get scared, then one of these days the horror story about a compulsive gambler that lost everything will be YOUR story.

By “day by day”  day 19 – Insight into Slot Machine Gambling Addiction How close to the bottom are you? Have you lost everything? Has your credit been ruined? Is all your money gone? Have you lost your car or home yet? Have you stolen to be able to gamble? Have you pawned things that were dear to you to be able to play the slots? Do you feel really good about yourself when you go to the casino? Do you feel any better when you leave? These are just a few questions to ponder today.

There is help. Thousands of people read Mr. FG’s blog daily. Admit what you are and know that this is not WHO you are. You’re a good person with a bad problem. Problems can be solved. Make today the day. Deliver yourself. Get help. Reach out.

Can a “stop gambling pill” really take away the urge to gamble? And by doing so, “cure” a very sick, compulsive gambler?

Yes, it can, if it will make you feel as happy as you do when you are playing a slot machine. I really would like to create a “stop gambling pill”. I see it being attractively packaged, and retailing at about $ 39.99 + tax.  Individually packaged in a nice little box, many of these pills in a larger display box, visible to everyone, and being sold in convenient stores, supermarkets…and maybe even casinos.  Do you have a strong urge to gamble?  Take one “stop gambling pill”, and the urge will go away after about 10 minutes. Guaranteed or your money back.  The “stop gambling pill” will essentially make you feel so happy, naturally, that all your stress and your cravings for the happiness drugs, will be gone.  The “stop gambling pill” may be called “Addiction Assassin”, and could be used for other urges too, like the urge to smoke, or consume alcohol or drugs.  Take the “Addiction Assassin” pill, and want no more.  Just a thought.  This could potentially be the biggest thing since….gambling.  If you have any good suggestions about how to create or market the stop gambling pill, kindly let us know. Updated – By “Day by Day” day 20 – stop gambling tips…stop gambling help…stop gambling now…

Understanding problem gambling and gambling addiction

Are there events in your life that trigger the urge to gamble? A bad day, an argument with your spouse or significant other? Unforeseen issues that pop up? For nearly three weeks I’ve been out of the casino life. I’ve made no cash withdrawals from the bank, no drives to the casino, no wonder walks, or walks of shame back to the car after losing. After a stressful weekend of dealing with petty arguments over Christmas decorations, arguments about who does the most around the house, arguments about children and other family related issues, guess what?

Yeah; right after I woke up this morning the thought of going to the casino was running strongly through my head. The thought was one of anger. It was like, Ok, I’m going to get even with you, honey. I’m going to the casino. I realized that this was just a “mind fuck.” My mind was trying to trick me into going because of some negative issue. I recognized and understood this because of all the research, studying, and dedication I’ve put forth in committing myself to the CFL (Casino Free Life). Don’t let anything “trigger” you into doing something you really don’t want to do. Your mind will thank you for it later. Whether you are a slot machine player, bet on sports, scratch cards, play roulette or Blackjack, problem gambling can strain relationships, interfere with work, and lead to financial catastrophe.

You may even do things you never thought you could, like stealing money from family and friends so you can continue with your gambling addiction.

You may think you can’t stop but, with the right amount of determination, you can overcome a gambling problem or addiction and regain control of your life. The first step according to Gamblers Anonymous is recognizing and acknowledging your gambling problem, and genuinely wanting to stop.  Really wanting to stop is the single most important step in putting your gambling addiction behind and moving on with your life.

Understanding compulsive slot machine gambling, problem gambling and gambling addiction

Slot machine gambling addiction, also known as compulsive gambling, is a type of impulse control disorder. Compulsive gamblers can’t control the impulse to gamble, even when they know their gambling is hurting themselves or their loved ones. Slot machines are all they can think about and all they want to do, no matter the consequences.

Compulsive gamblers keep gambling and continue to throw money into slot machines whether they’re up or down, the ONLY thing a slot machine addict really cares about is staying in the zone, and continuing to receive the “hits”, as many as 60 hits per minute.

Even when a slot machine addict knows the odds are against them, even when they can’t afford to lose, people with a gambling addiction can’t stop.

If you are reading these words, this “deep” into my blog, there is no doubt you are a problem gambler.

Signs and symptoms of slot machine addiction, problem gambling and gambling addiction in general

If, when playing a slot machine, you delay eating, delay drinking, delay going to the bathroom until you reach a “breaking point”, you are addicted to slot machines!

A gambling addiction has no obvious physical signs or symptoms like there are in drug or alcohol addiction. Problem gamblers usually deny or minimize the problem. They also go to great lengths to hide their slot machine gambling addiction. Slot machine problem gamblers often steal from their loved ones, sneak around, and lie about where they’ve been and what they’ve been up to.

If you are still here, with me, it is clear you are aware that you have a serious gambling problem, but it is also a clear sign you want to know more about it.

Gamblers Anonymous and other gambling addiction groups list the following signs as typical problem gambling symptoms, go ahead and read, but you ALREADY know all this:

Almost always, when you walk out of a casino, you are flat broke, with no money left. Not a cent.  You will sometimes need to walk home, due to lack of funds for a cab or a bus.

Loneliness, boredom, unhappiness make you go and gamble, and after you lose your money, you realize that all the problems and unhappiness that were there before gambling, are STILL there, nothing has change, just that you now have LESS money than before.

You will skip school or not go to work so you can go gambling.

After a losing gambling session,  you swear you will never go back to a casino, and then find yourself in the casino the next day.

After a winning session, you have a strong urge to go back to the casino and win more, and you will usually be back in the casino the next day, “returning” what you won today.

You feel the need to be secretive about your gambling.

Thoughts of you winning big jackpots often occupy your mind.

You don’t have time for eating, sleeping and doing other necessary activities because you are spending too much time gambling.

You steal from friends and family to finance your gambling addiction, trying to get the money you lost back, but by doing so getting yourself deeper and deeper into the hole.

Updated – by “day by day” – a recovering slot machine gambler offering live updates and tips about how to stop gambling and how to overcome those powerful urges to gamble – this is not Wikipedia, this is a REAL gambler in recovery sharing REAL stuff

It’s Thanksgiving time. I’m very thankful that I’ve not gambled in nearly a month. I’m amazed at how many people are like me, like us, the more I talk with people about gambling addictions and problem gambling. Gambling is truly the secret addiction. It’s the shameful addiction.

Talking about it to people who have “been there” truly helps. E-mail to find out how you can quit gambling forever and have no desire to ever go to a casino again. I did. I feel great about myself. You will too!!

Updated – by “day by day” – After being a compulisve gambler for 20 years, DBD shares his tips and insights about what his gambling addiction did to him, and how to STOP a gambling addiction

Now that I know that there is absolutely no way I can win in a casino, and now that I know how the sights, sounds, and smells of the casino are designed to addict the player and make them play to extinction (their word), I have no desire to lose money in a casino anymore. But; what about the damages I’ve already done to myself? I’m talking about the financial losses that have to be addressed and paid back. Each month, as I pay on credit cards, the constant reminder of my foolishness will be there to greet me until they are paid off. I’m not going to be upset about it, because I did this to myself. I’m going to be positive and thankful that I learned my lesson before everything was gone. I’m moving forward with my life. Living life on a daily basis is a gamble in itself. Thanks to, I’m a much better person and have the inside track on never gambling in a casino again. Updated – by “day by day” – Gambling Addiction Advice, Help & Tips…stop slot machine gambling addiction…After a big crash, debris is everywhere. It gets cleaned up and life goes on. The same goes with gambling and it’s after effects. You stop gambling. That’s the crash. Financial losses, financial difficulties, broken relationships, employment issues, loneliness, fear, loathing, and anxiety is the debris.

There are no clean up crews that will come in and take all your personal debris away. You have to do that yourself. I stopped gambling a while back. That was the wreck. I stood on the highway of life, seeing pieces of the wreckage scattered everywhere. I assessed the situation and started picking them up one by one. The highway’s not cleared yet, but it’s getting there. Keeping a positive mental attitude and seeking guidance from other recovering gamblers has helped me. Quit slot machine gambling today. Your wallet will thank you for it.

Updated – I have not gambled in 6 months!

Today, 1 Dec 2014, marks six months of being gambling free.  This is huge.  Had I not stopped gambling 6 months ago, I probably would have been dead by now, financially, and probably physically too. 180 days of being clean.  Gambling free.  Slot machine addiction free!  Some days have been very challenging to the point I could feel my brain is “chemically imbalanced”, and I was aware of not being able to think straight on those days.  Powerful urges to gamble zoom in from nowhere, and fighting them has been a huge challenge.  But, I am alive, financially and physically, which is a nice reward.

To all compulsive gamblers and gambling addicts reading this blog, I think the single most important piece of advice I can offer is “avoid the next trip to the casino, that’s it”.  Stopping gambling, is relatively easy. It is staying gambling free over an extended period of time that is really tough.  If you can be strong enough to hold back only ONE time, ONLY TODAY don’t gamble, the days will turn into weeks and months.  I, and my visitors, look forward to hearing your story.  Sharing with all of us is the best therapy possible, it will make you feel good.  Please email your story and I will publish it anonymously, your name of course will NOT be mentioned. info@fuckgambling2.comUpdated – by “day by day” – Stop Gambling Tips and Advice From a Real Slot Machine Recovering Gambler

Gambling is fun, for a minute.  Gambling Addiction Is A Progressive Disease – stop gambling tips

What is good about gambling ?
An individual can delude themselves into thinking it’s fun, it’s relaxing, it’s an opportunity to win money, it’s a way to enjoy life, and to some, this may be true. For a minute. People go to the casino, play the slot machines, have dinner, lose a little money, then they go home and forget about it. But then, for many, the thought of returning to the slot machines increases. The desire to gamble increases until it becomes overwhelming. You can’t sleep. You must go to the casino. You must put all your money in the slot machine. You must go get a cash advance. You must write a check; maybe even a bad one to keep gambling. You must go to the casino as often as possible. You must lie to your family to get out of the house. You must lie to your employer about lost time from staying in the casino too long. You don’t understand why you keep losing. You don’t understand why you keep chasing your losses. You don’t know why you can’t quit. You don’t understand why you feel like a zombie.

Well, guess what?

It’s all by design. The casino “industry” and the slot machine manufacturers have spent billions, BILLIONS, of dollars to get YOU, the nice person who just wanted to have a little fun, addicted. ADDICTED! Not only have they conspired to get inside your mind and addict you to the slot machines, they’ve also designed ways to keep you there until your money is gone. The new facts are that you not only will not win, you will be programmed to accept the fact that you can’t win, but you will still go to the casino and lose anyway. They even make you like losing. Their ads are slick, showing happy, good looking people, winning big, everywhere. They tell you that the odds are you’ll have lots of fun. They tell you that you deserve to treat yourself well. Come on in. Be a star! Live the good life! Enjoy! You see it on TV, you hear it on the radio. The casinos must hire people, produce million dollar commercials, pay millions of dollars for air time in order to bring you the false message. THE FALSE MESSAGE. They have to pay people to say false nice things about them. They pay companies to spread false information. You come in, get hooked, lose everything, get turned out, while they continue to advertise in order to entice new victims. VICTIMS. Don’t be a victim. As a professional gambler who has smartened up, you won’t see me in a casino. It’s for suckers. If you’re a sucker, you can’t be a victim. Then you’re an idiot. Don’t be an idiot either.Stop Gambling Addiction Tips, Help and Advice…stop gambling addiction now…

Casinos are Slaughter Houses – Mass Financial Murderers

It takes 2 to tango.  It’s time to say a few words about the casinos.  While I take full responsibility for my actions, and really have no one else to blame but myself, the casinos have “helped” a lot in getting me addicted, and have “contributed” in a big way to me being separated from my money.

What is financial murder?  When you lose everything you have; the car, the house, the business, the savings, your credit, and as a by product of losing all your money and all your savings you proceed to lose your spouse, your children, your parents, your family, your friends, and then, after you lost all that, the next step is to lose your self respect, self confidence, dignity, to the point you really don’t want to live anymore, all you have left is your body, meat and bones, this is financial murder.  True, it is better than actual murder, but just marginally.

Murderers usually kill only one person, where as casinos commit mass financial murder on a large scale.  The victims are in the thousands, maybe millions.  Casinos financially murder people all day long. If you look around when you enter a casino, you will see they are not building ships, or automobiles, they are not producing anything, they are hanging around, all day long, 24/7, for victims to come in, and be financially slaughtered.

And there are aggravating factors:

You can put everything you own into a slot machine, and no one will even ask your name.  But as soon as you win $1,200 they want to know everything about you, and want to see your ID.

They zoom in on your smart phone and read your texts and emails.

They look at every move you make, and LISTEN to your conversations.

If they think you are betting too much, they report to the government that you are a drug dealer and are laundering money.

They send the Government false reports.  Everyone winning over $10,000 a day needs to be reported.  But they only count the winnings, not the loses.

So at the end of the day, if you won 3 jackpots of $4,000 each, total $12,000, they send a report to the gov that you “won” $12,000, when in 99% of the cases, you put into the machine a lot MORE than $12,000 and you are actually a big LOSER for the day.

Simply put, if you first lost $15,000 playing the slot machines, and then “won” $12,000 back, when you go home at the end of the day, you have lost $3,000 and the government receives a report that you won $12,000.  Casinos send the Gov false reports.

At the end of the month, you LOST $90,000 and the government receives a report from the casino that you WON $360,000.

And what bugs me more than anything else, they want tips!
The slot attendants smile at you and nod “good bye”, once you dumped everything you have into the machine, but in the unlikely event that you win a slot machine jackpot, they want you to tip them.  A casino is the ONLY place on earth, where the person ROBBING you expects a tip!

I recently attended a seminar on gambling addiction research, and a politician from the government was present.  He gave a speech, and I was rather shocked at how he and the government view gambling addicts.  We lose everything we have, everything, and they refer to us as….revenue.  That’s it. One word. We are “revenue”. By “day by day” Slot Machine Gambling Addiction Insight From A Real Recovering Gambler – stop gambling tips…stop gambling addiction

A must read story about 2 slot machine players that lost everything because of their gambling addiction. (If you don’t stop gambling, this could be YOUR story.  Stop NOW!)

This is the story of Betty and Dupree;
(names changed) a really nice couple who I used to see at the casino. Dupree was a hard working man. He worked thirty five years in a steel foundry, raised five children, had a nice home that was paid for, a garden where he grew vegetables and his pride and joy was his Lincoln Town Car. Betty also was a hard worker. She had just retired from a department store after juggling a twenty five year career as a wife, mother, and grandmother.

For entertainment, they would drive down to the riverboat casino once a week and play the slot machines. They both liked all the free things the casino gave them, like rooms every now and then, a comped buffet once in a while, and even presents like toasters, tee shirts, hats, coolers, and other small gifts. Betty and Dupree were the ideal retired couple. One special night Dupree hit a twenty five cent slot machine for eight thousand dollars. The casino took his picture and put it on their “winners wall.” Dupree gave some of his winnings to his children, and even shared some with the church. He and Betty were so happy. They also found that the more they went to the casino, the more points they got on their players cards. They got free rooms for days at a time instead of once in a while. All their meals were comped instead of an occasional buffet. Betty and Dupree were living large! This is the way to spend retirement, they both thought.

Then, things started happening that weren’t good. Betty and Dupree started losing more than they were winning. They kept on going to the casino, building points on their players cards, getting rooms and meals, but their actual real, hard earned money was going out at an alarming rate. Dupree figured that the pendulum of luck would swing back their way if they just kept on playing. So, they took a loan out on their house and got casino credit; markers. They could go to the cashier’s cage and get handed “free money”. But; the free money had to be paid back to the casino in seven days. Things didn’t get better. Betty and Dupree lost all the money they had borrowed on the house. Their pensions weren’t enough to make the payment on the house and Dupree’s Town Car. Pretty soon, the bank wanted the house, and the loan company wanted Dupree’s car. Needless to say, Betty and Dupree were in despair.

On the first of the month their pension checks and social security checks came. Betty suggested they go one last time to the casino and hopefully, desperately, their luck would change and they’d win big.

They took their combined cash of $3800 to the casino. They had a plan. They would go to the high limit room and play the 5-10-25 dollar slots. In less than an hour their money was gone. They had no free play on their cards. The casino had cancelled their credit because they owed too much on their house and car. So, dejected and devastated, they decided to go home. They went out the front door of the casino.

Since Betty had a bad hip, Dupree told her to wait at the entrance and he’d bring the car around. The car never arrived to pick up Betty. It was bedlam in the parking lot. Security guards on golf carts were flying to the parking lot. Sirens started wailing in the distance. Betty rushed, limping on her bad hip to the parking lot. She arrived as security guards were throwing a big tarp over a car. Another guard was taping off the area with caution tape. They were setting up traffic cones, diverting cars away from the area. When Betty realized that it was Dupree’s car that was covered with the tarp, she became hysterical. What happened, she screamed. That’s our car. What’s going on ? Security told her there had been an “accident”. A casino boss took her back inside to an office. Emergency crews and law enforcement arrived at the scene. They surrounded Dupree’s car and blocked it from view with fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances. A man was dead inside the car. A bullet had gone through his brain and was lodged in the headliner. The police found a gun in the mans lap. It was Dupree’s gun. Dupree was dead inside the car. He had shot himself in the head, in the parking lot of the casino.

Betty lived on, a broken woman. She was taken in by one of her daughters. Instead of a house, husband, garden, and independence, she had the spare bedroom of her daughters house to live out her days in. Betty and Dupree; once a revenue source to the casinos, now are extinct; and they took Dupree’s picture down from the winners wall. It is sad, but the “healing” of Gamblers Anonymous is that by going to the meetings, people expect and WANT to hear horror stories, so sad, but other people’s horror is the “medication”.   Today’s slot machines are designed to hold your attention for as long as possible, in order to “maximize productivity” – stop gambling tipsSlot Machines are fun to play. All you have to do is visit any casino or gaming establishment and look at all the people sitting in front of the machines. From the hundreds of billions of dollars that are made from slots all over the world, it’s quite clear that a lot of people like to play them. But like anything in this world, false beliefs, overindulgence, and possibly personality/genetic traits sometimes cause people to become hooked and fall into the addiction trap. They start to believe that they have to chase good money after bad to recuperate the original money they lost. Many people feel that when they put money into a slot machine, they are making an investment and are expecting a return. Some are even convinced that the machine MUST pay them back, because that’s what slot machines do, or so they have read or heard or seen.This leads some people to spend a lot more money than they originally planned. They start to dip into the rent or mortgage. Then the bills don’t get paid. They fell that they need to gamble more to try to get back that money. They make cash advances on their credit cards. They steal from work. All to feed their misplaced belief that, “It’ going to hit,” which slot machines rarely do. Slot Machine addiction can cause people to lose their jobs, spouses, and families. Some lose their house and other possessions. Others slip into bankruptcy; slide into depression, and commit suicide. And a few gambling addicts may even end up killing family members and themselves to spare everyone from the shear guilt of shame from their addiction. There are those who commit crimes at work or rob stores to get the money needed to gamble. And of course there are the rare bunch who commit murder simply to get more money to gamble. It is a disease that affects many people in many ways, but always causes a great amount of destruction for everyone involved.But is gambling addiction a disease, a product of society, or is it an inherent trait, governed by genetics and just plain human drive? Research shows it may a combination of many factors. Offspring of gamblers tend to become gamblers. The high of hitting a jackpot releases chemicals into the brain that cause a type of euphoria that can only be repeated by hitting that jackpot again. It is a need, a desire, and a drive. Yet all of these causes combined do not drive problem gamblers as much as the myths, misconceptions, and urban legends about slots do. It seems rather odd that somebody could become addicted to a simple machine. However, the fact is that many people can and do become slot machine gambling addicts. Addiction of any kind is classified as a disease and it has been found that the high from gambling addiction is triggered by a part of the brain that provides a chemical rush of pleasure and satisfaction. This produces the utopia that some gambling addicts experience when they hit a jackpot. Now couple that with all the slot myths, misconceptions, and urban legends that people read about, hear on the radio or from other players, watch on TV, or view in those videos you can order, and you have a very explosive, aggressive, and angry person on your hands.A sense of desperation – The Dark Side Of Gambling Addiction – stop gambling tips…stop gambling addiction advice…Slots machines are flashy, produce soothing sounds, flicker and occasionally, a jackpot that is life changing is won. However, just like all good things in life, there is always the negative side. The negative side is that it can generate slots machine addiction. Psychologists who have studied the effects of slots machine on the mind of the gamblers have concluded that addiction occurs due to a combination of two factors: environmental factors, and through classical conditioning. When the two are perfectly blended, addiction will surely follow. We will analyze the two factors to see how they influence addiction.

Why slot machines are so successful? – Understanding Gambling Addiction – stop gambling tips

The explanation that seems most acceptable to Gamblers Anonymous members is that compulsive gambling is an illness, progressive in its nature, which can never be cured, but can be arrested. Before coming to Gamblers Anonymous, many compulsive gamblers thought of themselves as morally weak, or at times just plain ‘no good’. The Gamblers Anonymous concept is that compulsive gamblers are really very sick people who can recover if they will follow to the best of their ability a simple program that has proved successful for thousands of other men and women with a gambling or compulsive gambling problem.

What is the first thing a compulsive gambler ought to do in order to stop gambling?

The compulsive gambler needs to be willing to accept the fact that he or she is in the grip of a progressive illness and has a desire to get well. Our experience has shown that the Gamblers Anonymous program will always work for any person who has a desire to stop gambling. However, it will never work for the person who will not face squarely the facts about this illness.

How can you tell whether you are a compulsive gambler?

Only you can make that decision. Most people turn to Gamblers Anonymous when they become willing to admit that gambling has them licked. Also in Gamblers Anonymous, a compulsive gambler is described as a person whose gambling has caused growing and continuing problems in any department of his or her life. Many Gamblers Anonymous members went through terrifying experiences before they were ready to accept help. Others were faced with a slow, subtle deterioration which finally brought them to the point of admitting defeat.

Can a compulsive gambler ever gamble normally again?

No. The first bet to a problem gambler is like the first small drink to an alcoholic. Sooner or later he or she falls back into the same old destructive pattern. Once a person has crossed the invisible line into irresponsible uncontrolled gambling he or she never seems to regain control. After abstaining a few months some of our members have tried some small bet experimentation, always with disastrous results. The old obsession inevitably returned. Our Gamblers Anonymous experience seems to point to these alternatives: to gamble, risking progressive deterioration or not to gamble, and develop a better way of life.

Why can’t a compulsive gambler simply use will power to stop gambling?

We believe that most people, if they are honest, will recognize their lack of power to solve certain problems. When it comes to gambling, we have known many problem gamblers who could abstain for long stretches, but caught off guard and under the right set of circumstances, they started gambling without thought of the consequences. The defenses they relied upon, through will power alone, gave way before some trivial reason for placing a bet. We have found that will power and self-knowledge will not help in those mental blank spots, but adherence to spiritual principles seem to solve our problems. Most of us feel that a belief in a Power greater than ourselves is necessary in order for us to sustain a desire to refrain from gambling.

I only go on gambling binges periodically. Do I need Gamblers Anonymous? – stop gambling tips

Yes. Compulsive gamblers who have joined Gamblers Anonymous tell us that, though their gambling binges were periodic, the intervals between were not periods of constructive thinking. Symptomatic of these periods were nervousness, irritability, frustration, indecision and a continued breakdown in personal relationships. These same people have often found the Gamblers Anonymous program the answer to the elimination of character defects and a guide to moral progress in their lives. GAMBLING , for the compulsive gambler is defined as follows : Any betting or wagering, for self or others, whether for money or not, no matter how slight or insignificant, where the outcome is uncertain or depends upon chance or ‘skill’ constitutes gambling.

If I join Gamblers Anonymous won’t everyone know I am a compulsive gambler?

Most people made quite a name for themselves as full-fledged gamblers by the time they turned to Gamblers Anonymous. Their gambling was not usually a well kept secret. It would then be unusual if the good news of their abstinence from gambling did not cause comment. However, no disclosure of any affiliation with Gamblers Anonymous can rightfully be made by anyone but the member themselves. Even then, it should be done in such a way that will work no hardship on the Gamblers Anonymous fellowship.

If I stop gambling won’t it make it difficult for me to keep some desirable business and social contacts?

We think not. Most of the world’s work of any consequence is done without the benefit of monetary wagering. Many of our leaders in business, industry and professional life have attained great success without knowing one card from another or which way the horses run around the track. In the area of social relationships, the newcomer will soon find a keen appreciation of the many pleasant and stimulating activities available – far removed from anything that is remotely associated from gambling.

By “day by day” – Gambling Addiction Help – Stop Gambling Advice…stop gambling tips…A friend of mine just quit gambling!

Want to know why? Because he pawned his car, lost everything in the slot machines, and now has no way to get to the casino. He also has no source of immediate revenue because he got fired from his job. Why did he get fired? Because he had no way to get to work.

This friend was very good to the casino. He did everything they asked. He used his players card, gambled as much as possible, was courteous to the staff, tipped the help when he hit a machine, always gave the drink girl at least $2 when she brought him a coffee or a coke, and now he’s flat broke.

Why won’t the casino be good to him? Couldn’t they buy him an old car so he can get to work? Could they help him find another job? Maybe they could even give him a job. Why not? He was so good to the casino. But; the casino is not being good to him. They won’t let him play because they got all his money. They won’t let him eat there because he has no more points on his card. They don’t want him hanging out there, because he has no more money to give them. That is considered loitering. The casino does not want people who were so good to them in the past loitering in their establishment. That’s not very nice is it? You give them everything you’ve got, and, unless you have more to give, they don’t want you around. I can tell you this; with friends like that, who needs enemies? Bad Casino, Bad. Shame on you for hurting those who are so good to you.It is easy to understand how frustrated a slot machine player will get when he throws thousands of dollars into a slot machine hoping for a bonus, and finally when the bonus comes, the machine will sometimes spin 10 or 20 times without paying, and the player wins NOTHING.  It happens.  This is when players bang on machines, and sometimes get a heart attack!

My experience with slot machines shows that the RNG can change the payout percentage by ITSELF based on the players actions. For example, if the player INCREASES the amount of bet per spin, the machine will automatically lower the payout percentage.  I don’t know if this kind of “auto adjustment” is covered by the above law!

This just in – from “day by day” – Gambling Addiction Kills

Last night another former associate of mine quit gambling. I know that he will never ever visit acasino again. I know that he will never play a slot machine again. This is guaranteed. They say that people quit gambling when they are broke or dead. In this fellows case, both are true. You see, last night, after working twelve hours on his job, he went to the casino to play slots. He was tired but still went. While he was there he had a few “free” drinks. Not a lot, but still some drinks. It took several hours for him to lose all the money he came with. So; at three in the morning he took the walk of shame, again, to the parking lot. He got in his truck, tired, broke, slightly buzzed, and headed for home. He ended up the night, not in his home, but instead, the funeral home; dead. On his way from the casino to his former earthly residence his truck missed a slight curve, ran off the road and struck a big oak tree head on. Killed instantly. The sheriffs department listed the crash as an “alcohol related fatality.” I call it a casino related fatality. Casinos kill. They’ve killed before and they’ll kill again. Rest in peace, my old friend.How the Brain Gets Addicted to Gambling
Addictive drugs and gambling rewire neural circuits in similar waysIf you are reading these words, you do not need to wonder: it is crystal clear you are a compulsive gambler, and you are in DANGER!  Seek help immediately!  Google the nearest Gamblers Anonymous meeting, and go!  In addition, call the gambling addiction help line, and talk to someone NOW! Do it! NOW!!!

Updated – by “day by day” – Advice From A Recovering Slot Machine Gambler – stop gambling tips – stop slot macines gambling addiction As far as wanting to gamble; I’ve had thoughts, but in all seriousness I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that WE won’t win; WE will piss our money away again, WE will get hypnotized again, WE will feel like a $2.00 whore when WE take the walk of shame to the parking lot, and because of what we’ve learned about the slot machines and casinos, it would compound OUR shame and multiply the internal mental damage.

We’re better than that. We’re intelligent men who got bit by the bug. But; NOW we know. We know there’s no chance. It’s NOT fun. It’s not friendly. It’s not relaxing. It’s draining. Urges come and urges go. The best advice that YOU gave was “not today.” NOT TODAY. We must continue NOT TODAY, every day.

The way to beat the casinos is to keep this site going and continue to refine it until it’s #1. Updated – by “day by day” – Gambling Addiction Tips…stop gambling addiction, stop gambling help…Your gambling blog is getting better and better every day! It is the most comprehensive and educational tool for problem gamblers on the entire web. It is a virtual GA meeting as well as a technical seminar on the slot machine manufacturing establishment.

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What is Problem Gambling?

Problem gambling is gambling behavior which causes disruptions in any major area of life: psychological, physical, social or vocational. The term “Problem Gambling” includes, but is not limited to, the condition known as Pathological, or “Compulsive” Gambling, a progressive addiction characterized by increasing preoccupation with gambling, a need to bet more money more frequently, restlessness or irritability when attempting to stop, “chasing” losses, and loss of control manifested by continuation of the gambling behavior in spite of mounting, serious, negative consequences.Gambling addiction is commonly considered a hidden problem. A gambling addict does not display the obvious physical signs and symptoms of a drug or alcohol addict. Loved ones are often blindsided by the consequences of a gambling addiction, realizing the problem only after the person has spent huge sums of money and incurred significant debts. Recognizing and exposing a gambling problem as early as possible is the key to mitigating the effects on the gambler and the people who love and depend upon him or her.If gambling has become a problem for you or someone you know, call a gambling help line, and seek addiction treatment options. The call is confidential, and you will usually be given a contact number for a gambling addiction councilor, who you can call right away.  In addition, look up the nearest Gamblers Anonymous meeting and GO TO ONE today! Gambling and drinking, can be almost as bad as Driving and drinking.  I wonder why many casinos have sweet young waitresses that try to seduce you into drinking the “free” drinks they offer when you are gambling? This just in – from “day by day” – Gambling Addiction Related Suicide! – Wed Dec 10, 2014 – Las Vegas We know of another person who quit gambling forever. He will never gamble again; it’s guaranteed. He quit to the dismay of all the other gamblers. The other gamblers were actually upset at this mans manner of quitting, because they all had to stop gambling for a few minutes and leave the casino. A man, despondent over his losses, barricaded himself in his room and blew his brains out with a gun. The casino authorities evacuated the building. This isn’t the first gambling related, casino suicide, and sadly, probably won’t be the last. Don’t become a statistic. Get some help. Call the gambling help line NOW and go to a Gambling Anonymous meeting TODAY! Updated – by “day by day” – unique gambling addiction insight not to be missed…stop gambling help…stop gambling addiction, stop gambling tips…This is the story of Amy and JJ; (names changed); once the ideal couple, who’s lives were forever changed by gambling and the casino life. Amy and JJ were business people. She had a successful hair salon, and JJ operated a local delivery business. Like most people who developed gambling addiction problems, they started going to the local casino for fun and relaxation. Amy loved the casino life, JJ didn’t; but went to the casinos with her anyway.

Amy was the consummate slot player. She used her card religiously, entered weekly tournaments, and won a little money every now and then. While Amy played the slots, JJ walked around the casino, hanging out and talking with other guests and employees. Amy started winning bigger jackpots and pretty soon could be seen daily in the high limit slot room, playing the five and ten dollar slot machines. She even got on the twenty five and hundred dollar machines on occasion. JJ had made friends with some of the cocktail waitresses and slot attendants. While Amy gambled, JJ talked to his new friends. This is where things started getting bad, as they ALWAYS do in the casino life.

Amy started losing big. JJ struck up a friendship with one of the servers and began an affair. Amy ran up nearly $250,000.00 in credit card debt and casino credit. JJ used Amy’s gambling problem as an excuse to leave her for his new girlfriend. They got a divorce. Amy lost her house and had to move in with her daughter. She and JJ both had to file personal bankruptcy.

Amy was barely able to keep her beauty shop. In order to make ends meet, she worked 12 hours a day, seven days a week. JJ stayed with his new girlfriend, the casino cocktail server. One night, not long after Amy and JJ’s bankruptcy, JJ drove down to the casino to pick up his girlfriend. On their way back to her apartment, a drunk driver, who was previously at the same casino, was driving the wrong way on the interstate, hit JJ head on, killing him and seriously injuring his girlfriend.

Indirectly, because of the casino and a gambling addiction, we now have one dead, one critically injured, one broke and in financial ruin, and one facing a vehicular homicide charge. Don’t think for a minute that these things can’t happen to you. They can and they will. The casino life is deadly. It’s a silent killer; like cancer. Have a nice day.Money is usualy very silent.  Money never talks.  Money talks ONLY when you gamble, it says “Good Bye”.Updated – by “day by day” – One of a kind gambling addiction insight from a REAL recovering gambler, not a “researcher”.Two months ago, after twenty years on the job, I decided to retire. My job was taking a toll on me. I wasn’t anywhere near the levels of productivity I thought I should be attaining. The bosses however, were still glad that I was on the job. They never said anything to me when I had a bad day. They always made it a point to say something nice when I had a good day. But day after day, the job sucked. It became awful. It became costly. It started costing me a lot of money just to go to work. I get no pension, no watch, no certificate. My job was that of a professional gambler. It’s an occupation rooted in misery, disgust, fear and self loathing. It’s a shameful occupation, but was something I did for twenty years. Then I quit my job. I walked out of the casino 2 months ago. I’m not going back. They changed too many things and a real gambler has no chance. The place is for suckers and losers. I’m neither. I was a pro who knows the odds are way against me. That’s why I retired.

Some of the younger gamblers have followed suit with me and quit. Why? They know they can’t win. Go ahead; see for yourself if you want to; rush to the casino and throw your money away with all the old people, trash, and lowlifes. You’ll hate yourself in the morning. It’s great to be retired….. from gambling. Reflecting on my Gambling Addiction – Updated by…Me. Xmas Eve 2014.
Stop gambling advice, tips, help and insight from a REAL recovering gambler.In just a few days, December 31, 2014, I will be celebrating 7 months of being clean, gambling free.  7 months ago everything was very dark and very black.  Today is not really a huge celebration, but still, I feel very lucky.

First, I am happy to be alive.  Exactly one year ago I was sure I will be dead within a few months, because of my heart condition.  I did not expect to be here one year later.  I lived another year, which is not bad.

Because my slot machine gambling addiction nearly murdered me, I have become an anti gambling activist.  I want compulsive gamblers everywhere to know that besides losing their money, happiness and well being, they can also lose their life if they do not recover from their gambling addiction.

There are many research centers researching how a gambling addiction impacts the brain, but it seems like I am the ONLY one in the world aware of the impact a gambling addiction has on the HEART.

I would like to offer some stop gambling tips.  To be perfectly honest, it is VERY hard for me to accept that I can NEVER gamble again.  If I do, I will be destroyed financially, emotionally, mentally, and will probably die soon after going broke.  I can NEVER gamble again. “Never” is hard to accept.  But I am OK with “no gambling today”.  I sleep about 8 hours, and I spend a few hours running errands, taking care of my dog, working, so each day has about 10 hours of “possible gambling time”.  All I have to do, is be strong for 10 hours.  I can do it.  I have been doing it for the last 7 months, and I can continue.  So please, don’t think long term, don’t think years, months or weeks, think about not gambling today, that’s it.  If I can do it, you can too! (It’s not as if there is a choice: the ONLY choice is stop gambling, or die).

Here is a quick summary of some of the key points related to a gambling addiction, slot machine addiction in particular, and some stop gambling tips:

♦ If you gamble on slot machines, your blood pressure will shoot up sharply, suddenly, on an ongoing basis, for hours at a time, stretching your Aorta.  If your Aorta gets wide enough, it will burst, causing instant death.

♦ It is hard to stop gambling, because you no longer have control of your brain.  Your gambling addiction has embedded itself into your brain, and is now a part of your brain.  You cannot fight it.

♦ The only way to fight a gambling addiction is to delay to another day.  Don’t resist.  Don’t fight it.  Be fox like.  Tell yourself (yourself=the addiction) you may gamble another day, but NOT today.

♦ A slot machine is an empty box, with 2 speakers, a money receptor and a screen.  If you gamble on slot machines, you are throwing your money (and your life) into what is essentially a “music playing empty box”.

I hope my stop gambling tips will help you.  One more final stop gambling tip:  Sharing is therapy.  If you suffer from a gambling addiction, don’t keep the secret, the hurt, the shame, the pain, the anger, the self loathing inside. Get it out. If you want to share with me (anonymously), I will post your insight so we can all share, and it will no doubt make you feel better.  Slot machine gamblers don’t play to win money.  They play to win “time on device”. After a brief time of “playing” on a slot machine, the addict enters “the zone”. “The zone” is a hypnotic like emotional and mental state where everything fades away, your body, your feelings, your thoughts, everything around you gets blurry, unclear and most importantly irrelevant, as you continue to absorb the slot machine “hits” of dopamine on your brain.

Being in “the zone” is the ultimate “high”, and all a slot machine addict really wants is to continue playing, to drag the “high” on for as long as possible, even though the addict is experiencing an ever present awareness of being in a self destructive process. The story of “problem gambling” is not just a story of problem gamblers, it is also a story of problem slot machines, problem casinos, and problem business practices. Part of the seductive appeal of slot machines, is rooted in the fact that the gambler does not know the exact chances of winning. Slot machines provoke a sense of magic and wonder as the winning chances are unknown.

In fact, if you walk into any casino, they will tell you the exact chances of winning on a roulette or in Blackjack.  From all the games of chance you can find in a casino, it is ONLY the slot machines that offer unknown chances of winning.  There is only one game in a casino, where the gambler does not know the odds. It is the slot machine. Gambling Addiction Panic: The panic of the addict who has hit bottom is the panic of the man who thought he had control over a vehicle but suddenly finds that the vehicle can run away with him.

Suddenly, pressure on what he knows is the brake seems to make the vehicle go faster.  It is the panic of discovering that it (the system, self plus vehicle) is bigger than he is… He has bankrupted the epistemology of “self control”. The longer the gambler perseveres at slot machine play, the greater the odds are that the gambler will emerge from the encounter drained of energy, resources and vitality.  This depletion registers in the gambler’s bank account and also in the gambler’s physical body. A slot machine is like a really fast working tranquilizer. Playing, it takes 2 minutes to disappear, to forget, to not feel.  It is a wonderful way to alter the gambler’s reality – an immediate mood shifter. The odds of winning on slot machines are kept confidential. A lot of advocates of responsible gaming believe it is very important to display the winning odds, in detail.  Currently slot machines present paytables detailing how much will be awarded for a particular combination of symbols, but they do not post the odds of hitting that combination.  I don’t think showing the odds will be of any particular benefit to the gambler, as any gambler knows that the odds are always in favor of the casino

Some casinos will have their slot machines display the theoretical payback percentage, for example 90%, which misleads gamblers into believing that if they start with $100, after a few hours they will walk away with $90.

The truth is, the theoretical payback of 90% applies to every single bet (spin), and if you are a slot machine gambling addict, you will lose 10% of your bet on every single spin. This explains why your gambling funds are reduced to zero so fast.  This is probably the single most important piece of information that a slot machine addict needs to know:  If you are losing 10% of your bet EVERY spin, it will shrink to zero in minutes.  The 90% return applies to each individual spin, but….if you bet over and over again, you have a ZERO chance of winning.The compulsive gamblers go to the casino not to have a good time, but to get their fix, and to lose everything they have.  Most of the time, a compulsive gambler doesn’t understand or know why he/she are doing it, they just know they have to do it.  This is why it is called compulsive. Slot machine addicts play the machines to suspend themselves in a state of equilibrated affect rather than to maximize monetary payoff in a climax of a win. Slot machine gamblers recalibrate their play in response to feedback game outcomes, adjusting their pace and wagering intensity upon detection of any disequilibrium that disrupts the “slot machine zone” and its affective continuity. Slot machine gamblers are usually the ones blamed for their addiction.  But slot machines certainly contribute hugely by tricking the player into believing that he/she has control over the machine, the game and the results.  Slot machines manipulate and mislead the gambler into believing he/she could win, and they make the player believe he/she can control the outcome by their actions.

Slot machines create illusions of control, faulty evaluation of outcomes, irrational schemas of probability and false beliefs of control over random events.

Email received from “failing to stop” – January 2015…stop gambling addictionI’m really struggling to understand my addiction, I can literally say to myself no way ever again and then 30 minutes later I’m sat in front of a slot machine… It’s hard for me as my job often has long periods during the week when we are quiet and when boredom creeps in just after lunch I’m down at the slots spending every available cent I have.

Even when I win and sometimes it’s large figures I say that’s the last time, finish on a high and then the next day I’m sat down there spending it all away…

My sadness is increasing and my stress levels are rising, I find myself absent from thought and lack motivation to work or exercise, I’m lucky that at this stage no one knows but it’s not far away from all crashing down I’m hiding the losses from my wife and it’s only a matter of time before I have to confront it… This is what I need!
– How do I resist the temptation
– What causes me to disobey myself
– I need some advice on the quitting process
– Any general advice from real guys that have quit will help please.
– FYI I’ve spent over $1500 this week on a credit card cash advance I advised “failing to stop” to call a help line immediately, and to attended a meeting of gamblers anonymous today, on an emergency basis.  I also advised him to concentrate on the “1 day at a time” principal, as anyone can not gamble for one day.  I look forward to receiving further input and let’s hope we can save “failing to stop” just as we saved “day by day”.I have recently received several emails asking me for urgent advice and help with  stopping gambling. I have offered a list of stop gambling tips, which is essentially a brief summary of the stop gambling tips offered in this blog.  If you have arrived at my blog, and have come “all the way down” to this location in the blog, your situation is probably pretty bad, and you have an emergency on your hands.  Just for you, here is a brief, rock solid, stop gambling guide that will most certainly stop your gambling addiction in it’s tracks.

♦  Call a help line.  Most governments offer a free help service which starts on the phone, and usually you will be referred to a registered gambling councellor, that can help right away. You may be able to get an appointment for the next day, or even same day.

♦  Go to a Gamblers Anonymous meeting immediately. Today.  Gamblers Anonymous usually will have at least one meeting a day, find one, and go.  Sharing is the best therapy in the world, and just going there and telling your story, will be a huge relief.  You will feel like a rock has been lifted off your shoulders, and everyone there will understand you.

♦  Do not try to understand why you are gambling, or why you are not strong enough to stop.  Insights into what caused your gambling addiction will come later.

♦  Rather than trying to stop gambling indefinitely, stop for today only.  This is also the Gamblers Anonymous advice.  Deal with your gambling addiction one day at a time. All you have to do, is not gamble today.

♦  Understand that a gambling addiction is very powerful.  Once you stop, you will suffer withdrawal symptoms.  The dopamine your brain produces when you gamble is no longer being produced.  This may cause depression and terribly strong urges to go and gamble.  The only thing you can do about these urges to gamble is to understand what causes them.  Understanding relieves some of the symptoms.

♦  When I started going to Gamblers Anonymous I was shocked at how good group therapy feels.  Its all about sharing.  Human understanding and compassion are pure medicine.  Talking about what you feel and what you think, with a group of people sitting there and listening to you is the therapy.  The exact same principal applies to sharing your feelings on this blog. You can send an email at your convenience, and people from around the globe will read your input and share with you.  Feel free to share as much and as often as you want, it is just as good as doing it at Gamblers Anonymous.

♦  For more insight and more stop gambling tips please take time to read the entire blog. Updated by myself, 26 Feb 2015 – stop gambling help…stop gambling addiction…stop gambling tips, stop gambling advice In 2 days time, on 28 Feb 2015, it will be 9 months since the last time I gambled!!!  I have been wanting to go for a long drive down south from Vancouver BC, with my dog, but have been avoiding such a trip because as you drive on the freeway I-5 south, you pass about 100 casinos on the way, and I didn’t feel strong enough.  It is one thing to sit at home, excluded from going to casinos in my province, but driving right in front of casinos where I am not excluded from is an entirely different story.  Finally, I decided life must go on, and just a few days ago left on a road trip. I prepared myself for the worst case scenario, the possibility that I will not be able to resist the urge to gamble, and I prepared about USD 1000 in cash, and 2 wallets full of credit cards.   On the way down, I passed in front of the casinos quite easily, probably because I knew I will get another chance, on my way back.

Coming back, yesterday, was ever so close…

I drove past the casinos, I could “hear” the slots, “see” the spins, “feel” the excitement…I could SMELL the action, but…thank God, and thanks to my own will power, I was able to drive all the way back home to Canada, without ever walking into a casino.

Yesterday was one of the hardest days ever for staying gambling free. But I did it.  I hope this will inspire you too, you can do whatever you want.  If you really want to NOT gamble, you can NOT gamble.Updated by our new contributor…Joanne…about her gambling addiction…stop gambling help…Thank you for your site. It’s the most real site I have ever come across with regards to gambling addiction. I’m not one to attend a meeting and am certainly not religious. I’ve tried counseling but couldn’t gel with the guy enough to spill my guts on what’s been my secret obsession over for the last 10+ years.

It’s great to read other comments and thoughts from yourself and other like-minded people who know gambling addiction and know that I’m not alone. I am not the only person whose brain feels this way and perhaps I am not broken. If we all talked about our gambling addiction more perhaps we could all lend each other a hand and get ourselves out of this mess. I love your site and am getting a lot out of it.

These days for me, 99% of my gambling is online pokies. The thing about technology is that you don’t even need to leave the house to gamble. The sites keep your card details loaded in their site so whenever you need to deposit you just need to punch in the 3 (conveniently instilled in your brain) digits from the back of your card and away you go. Don’t have a credit or debit card? No worries, you can transfer funds instantly from your bank account and there are literally hundreds of other payment options. The online casinos aren’t stupid. They have made it so that there are payment options for everyone and they know you want to play instantly. That’s ok, because they want your money instantly. No walk of shame at this point. Not yet anyway.

The hypnotic trance that comes over you as you go to the banking page and type those 3 digits in, is indescribable really. It doesn’t matter at that time about the variety of things you need the money for. Nothing does. Except that you’re not finished for the day yet as you still have funds accessible. It’s not even about winning, but it has taken me over 10 years and so many thousands and thousands of dollars to realize that. The walk of shame comes after the gambling stint when you walk into one of the many payday loan companies to recover some of your money in order to feed your children etc that week. I tend to borrow JUST enough for food and fuel etc. Disgustingly enough, I then scrimp on food etc. and end up putting the remainder through the pokies (just incase!!!) and slum it out until my next innings.

The next thing about technology is that these days you can retire to bed at night, and play pokies on an iPad (or any tablet or smart phone). You can even wear headphones so others in the house don’t know what you’re doing. It is so accessible that your problem gambling goes from being something you just binge on to something that is part of you, and you just do ALWAYS. Hell, I work from home and have often had my work laptop set up next to my personal laptop where I’m constantly playing slots. If I have to attend an appointment or meeting, no worries – iPad or iPhone is always with me and I can play while I wait. No need to worry about others hearing the noises – I have headphones on and people assume I am listening to music or talking on the phone. I have never enjoyed playing anywhere near as much when my games have to be muted. There has to be something in that? It’s the constant hit. The constant rush of the noises and being oblivious to everything else. I know it’s not normal to continuously be at the casino banking pages pumping my extremely hard earned money off so insanely quickly. It’s stupidity. But I don’t know how to stop.

I am typing this from my bed right now. Generally I look forward to this time of day when I jump in bed and send all my very hard earned money straight to Malta, through my iPhone 6 Plus. I upgraded to this phone for the larger screen. No explanation needed. I am proud to say I haven’t put any $$ into any of my online accounts tonight. I have even self excluded. Again. I almost NEVER cash out. With online gambling there is always a 48 hour + ‘reverse withdrawal’ pending time where you can reverse your winnings and spend them. Tell me one gambler that wouldn’t gamble again the following day/same day/hour/minute if the funds were there for them to do so. Why cash out $500 when you could keep playing? Why bother sleeping when you haven’t had the feature in ages. It can’t be too far away…. Etc.

There are literally thousands of online slots available. The problem with self exclusion though is that all the online casinos are tied in together and when you self exclude from one you start receiving emails from other casinos offering you deposit bonuses etc. i have played and lost at them all. Urgh.

One day at a time. And this is day 1. Again. I need to do this for myself and I have to do it this time. I have such beautiful children and a sensational partner that deserve so much better. I have many better things to be doing and I want to say fuck gambling. At least when he climbs into bed tonight I won’t have to quickly turn the online pokies off and be bitter about the interruption and making excuses as to why I’m getting out of bed to watch something on TV (play more slots on my phone in the lounge room instead) No. I can be happy that I saved myself however many hundred dollars it was going to be tonight and perhaps in time the guilt for everything I have done over the years will turn to pride of how I got on top of it, day by day….

This just in….from “day by day”….stop gambling insight…advice from a real recovering gambler…how to stop a gambling addiction…stop gambling help… The winning is just beginning! I have the formula. After being a degenerate professional gambler for nearly twenty years, I’ve been able to quit my gambling addiction! For years I wanted to quit but couldn’t. Then I started reading The site gave me hope. The site educated me about slot machines addiction and slot gambling. The site encouraged me to write about what was happening to ME. I wrote. The more I wrote, the less I wanted to gamble. The more I wrote, the more I saw light and hope at the end of the tunnel. It’s been four months since I’ve been in a casino. I’ve had desires but have controlled them. I’m winning against my gambling addiction. Life is getting good.This just in…from Joanne…a real compulsive gambler batteling her addiction and sharing her thoughts…how to stop a gambling addiction…stop gambling helpI have had addictions over the years. The first thing I ever quit was cigarettes and at the time I found it the hardest thing I had ever done. That was about 9 years ago now and I still look back at that time and know it was really hard at the time. Every now and then, when I have had a few drinks – that desire to smoke comes back and I have to remind myself that just 1 smoke will push me back into a pack a day habit. I’m an all or nothing kind of girl.

With gambling there is no substance as such. You should get to give it up reasonably easy, but it owns me and It has for too much of my life now.

I’m fighting back. I have self excluded from every online casino known to man and deleted the email address associated with all of them – just in case. I know that even in my stronger moments, I’m a crafty bitch. My slot machines addiction has made me that way. I know that at any stage I can easily set up a new email account, use my partner’s name and credit card and fraudulently play. Sound ridiculous? That’s the mind of a compulsive gambler and I have done things like this in the past. The thing this time though, is I know that if I truly want to gamble – it doesn’t matter the situation or conditions – I will always find a way. I HAVE to be strong enough to say fuck gambling. And I have to be strong enough in my weakest moments to continue with this mindset EVERY day, for the rest of my life.

Best of luck and warm thoughts to anyone in the same boat. We’re all in this together.

This just in…from Joanne…gambling addiction thoughts and feelings…stop gambling help… I got drunk last night and gambled. Not a large amount of money but that is not the point. Today, anxiety grips me tight. I am afraid of my own thoughts. I am moments away from phoning a gambling help line for the first time and I am overcome with fear. Have others felt this way about seeking help? Why am I afraid of it? Is it because I have to admit it out loud? It is.

I am at day 1 for what has to be the hundredth time. It has to be different this time and I know I have to make this call. I hate myself and wish I was dead.Stop gambling tips and advice from…me…a real recovering gambler…stop gambling help…stop gambling addiction… Hi Joanne,

Make the call. Now.

You know you already tried to stop gambling hundreds of times.

You cannot do it on your own.

Taking care of this problem is MORE important than your job. A lot more.

As you are in a state of emergency, I would drop EVERYTHING, call the help line NOW, and go to a Gamblers Anonymous meeting TODAY.

There are many stop gambling tools that can help, but you really have to make a decision about if you want help.

I was very uncomfortable about calling a gambling addiction help line, but once done, it is easy as apple pie.

A person you never met and never will meet, will give you the Tel no. of a gambling addiction councilor, that’s all.

You call the gambling addiction councilor and make an urgent appointment, and in the meantime, you cut the CRAP and go to the Gamblers Anonymous meeting.

I would give you my number gladly, but I am not a qualified addiction councilor, you really need professional help.

Throw your IPhone 6 in the garbage if the gambling block software does not work on it, and get an android.

You know what you need to do.

And I can tell you that once you come CLEAN, admit it, say it, accept it, “I am a very sick human being with a very big gambling problem”, you will feel as if a huge rock has been lifted from your shoulders.

I am waiting to hear from you about how the Gamblers Anonymous meeting went, and how you spilled your guts out. Joanne finally called the gambling addiction help line!!!…finally…that’s huge! I called the gambling addiction help line. The lady was very lovely. At the end of the call she gave me 2 phone numbers for addiction counselors close to me.

I then called the first number and they carried out a phone interview about my problem gambling. All of my answers indicated an extreme problem. I feel like such a fuck up and am very emotional today. I know that quitting this gambling addiction of mine good and proper will involve telling loved ones my secret. This is hard. I may lose people in my life but I know that this will be part of the recovery process at some point and I guess this is why I have always avoided the counseling part. It always has been easier to just gamble.

If I could win back what I have lost I could then cease gambling and not have to deal with the debt etc. I know this is the mind of a compulsive gambler and I know that I’m an idiot.

They booked a phone counseling session for 2pm tomorrow. This is the earliest they had. I know you don’t believe me and it’s understandable, but I am going to do this. I KNOW this is going to be the hardest thing I have ever done but I will do it. For myself, and for my family. Joanne, you are not alone.  We are all with you and praying for you. Stop gambling now…Joanne is determined to beat her gambling addiction! I woke up this morning and immediately thought about last night. Generally I wake up (if I’ve even slept at all) with a sick feeling thinking of how much I lost gambling and work out the plan to replace funds in the bank account so my partner doesn’t know about my compulsive gambling habits.

Today I woke up and felt a tiny amount of relief. I still have past losses and lies that will fester about for a while, until such time that I am ready to talk. Today, no new lies. No more bullshit. At only the 2 day mark I am certain I have a long, hard road ahead recovering from my gambling addiction, but for the time being I feel ok. I feel motivated and capable, and generally different this time. This time, I honestly never want to gamble again.

I have stopped gambling often and know that you can feel really quite good in time – but it’s getting there. And once I’m there, the challenge is not allowing my brain to urge me back by telling me things like ‘a tiny little punt won’t hurt’. It does, every time. It takes me back to insanity, uncontrollable gambling as often as I am able to.

My addiction counseling session is today. An hour of talking. I have also stumbled across another program run by people who have been where I am and made it through to the other side. They offer phone calls and advice. I am interested in talking to someone that’s been through it. I started the ‘100 day challenge’ yesterday and know that these first 100 days are crucial. I’ve not made it this far since starting up on the pokies around 10 years ago. I tend to relapse at the 1-2 month point.

Last night I kept busy reading gambling forums and stories and then used a hypnosis on my phone to get to sleep. I am looking forward to beating this.Updated by me…a recovering problem gambler who is just one slip away from drowning in the addiction…think about this if you want to stop gambling now… Look how crazy this is…A gambling addiction makes the gambler lose money, waste a LOT of time, suffer serious health consequences, lose friends, lose family, lose interest in life, and yet…we find stopping gambling “scary” and “uncertain”.  All the above crap will go away, like fog, and all we need to do…is stop gambling now.  All the self loathing, the self hatred, the anger, the disappointment, the unhappiness…all this can just go away…One would think it is MUCH easier to stop gambling… rather than continuing to live with all the above?Stop gambling now…Joanne shares her gambling addiction insights with us… I am actually making very positive steps in order to kill my gambling addiction. Had my first gambling counseling phone session today. It was an hour session and despite my initial presumptions, there was actually quite a lot to say. So much, that I feel I am just getting started. I’m meeting with her face to face weekly starting next Tuesday to implement some tools and tactics to assist me with the urges. I have been visualizing the slot machines in my mind a bit today and definitely last night, but was able to remind myself that it’s just an urge and distract myself with the forums attached to the 100 day gamble-free challenge that I have commenced.

Tonight my partners weekly pay will hit our bank account. Generally it’s a given for me to stay up all night gambling, and then replace it with a payday loan. Not today. Fuck gambling. This just in…from Joanne…stop gambling tips…stop gambling now…stop gambling help…Day 4. Wow, really strong urges today. My brain is telling me all sorts of reasons to deposit online. You all know what they sound like …. It’s not gonna happen. I won’t be gambling today.

A certain sadness has overcome me with the realization that I am doing this for certain. I got sad and emotional like this when I quit smoking. It’s like grieving a very good friends departure. I haven’t been sad like this from quitting gambling before. I guess it’s because previous times I have known in the back of my mind I wasn’t truly giving it up. This time is different. And I know it has to get harder before it gets easier.

Writing my thoughts helps to curb the urges. Reading what I have written strengthens and reminds me exactly why I’m doing this. From Joanne…stop gambling help…stop gambling addiction…stop gambling tips…stop gambling advice. It’s hard to believe I have made it to the 2 week mark but it have. Basically zero desire to gamble at this stage – but only because I have other things happening in my life at the moment. Bit of a family crisis so to speak. I feel like the old gambling addiction has taken a back seat and will no doubt try to urge me back down the track.

It is imperative that I continue tracking my recovery progress, seeing my gambling addiction counselor and writing things down so I remember the heart ache it causes. I’ve been in ‘the game’ far too long. I know the sorts of things my brain starts telling me, about how I have overcome the addiction and why not have a little fun. Can’t hurt, right? Wrong. Wrong every time.
When the family situation is over I will need to focus harder than ever on controlling my gambling addiction urges. From Joanne…how to stop a gambling addiction…how to stop slot machines gambling…stop gambling help…stop gambling advice…Joanne is a real recovering gambler sharing her insights…Hard day today. Intense urges trying to pull me to play slot machines. Voices in my head telling me it’s ok to have a small flutter on your birthday and start over tomorrow. I won’t gamble today though. I’m going to get there day by day, and today I will not gamble. Stop gambling advice from Joanne…Stop gambling Tips from Joanne…A real slot machine gambler shares her feelings and thoughts about slot machines addiction… Over a month since I have gambled and for no reason what so ever I have been searching on my phone and found a new casino. Joined up. Clicked deposit and started clicking through to enter my instant deposit details.

A tiny amount like $20 can’t hurt. I’ve made it this far. I’ve got this. Heart started thumping. Brain started screaming not to do it. I am doing so well.

I shut it down immediately and am thinking about all the money I could have lost for no reason what so ever at this online casino’s slot machines. I need to keep reminding myself that I do not miss waking up wracked with guilt, disgust and anxiety over what I have done.

I do not miss throwing away every available dollar on online slot machines gambling. Self excluding from this new casino as we speak. I don’t ‘have this’ at all.

My slot machines gambling addiction still has me and I am not the kind of person that can have an occasional flutter. Seriously, I can never forget that vital piece of information.

I am extremely busy with work and other commitments currently and will not be gambling. Not today. Proud that I didn’t but petrified that I almost did…Updated…By me…It is now 10 months since the last time I gambled. The danger is ever present, lurking, just waiting for one moment of weakness…

I slip in and out of depression, wondering how much of it is just “life”, and how much is a deep craving for dopamine, adrenaline, endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin, which together offer a wonderful feeling of happiness, as soon as the gambling starts.

I am still not able to understand why I am craving such a terrible activity.  My slot machines addiction has almost broken me. Depression. Self loathing. Self hatred. It made me break up my relationship with every person I know. Everyone. The ONLY spirit still with me is my dog.

Having a gambling addiction means being tortured in so many ways.  As I said, I still can’t understand why I would miss it.  I must be so terribly sick.

10 months is 10 months, I will hold onto my clean time, because there is no other option.  My options are stay clean…or…drown in my slot machine gambling addiction.